Farrow & Ball - Six Neutral Families

Farrow & Ball neutrals are far from impartial. We believe there are six core neutral families, all of which work well as colour schemes in their own right, as well as providing a strong foundation for every other colour on the card.  

Whether you are drawn to the pretty yellow-based neutrals or the architectural blue-based greys; choosing your favourite neutral group is the best place to start when decorating.

Selecting the right neutral group for you is easy – which colour family are you most drawn to? From this point you can begin to build a decorating scheme accented with bolder colours and wallpapers that flows throughout your home.  

Once you’ve chosen your neutral family you can be confident that using these colours in combination in a space will create a cohesive look. So whether you choose to use a darker tone on the walls with crisp white woodwork, or a darker shade on the woodwork with lighter walls to create more light and space, the colour scheme will work. 

* Article taken from Farrow & Ball. Click here to take you directly to the F&B page which will give you a more information about matching the neutrals. 

This article is a god-send when mixing colour!